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An Active Member is one of the two types of membership within the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts, as defined by the Membership Handbook and Constitution. The other type of membership in O.G.R.E.s is known as Associate Member.

Requirements for Active Membership[]

In order to be considered an active member of Ogres, an individual must:

  • Participate in a regular scheduled game ran by a chapter of Ogres or
  • Hold an office within the Ogres or an individual chapter or
  • Host a regular scheduled game for a chapter
  • If member's chapter has dues, must be in good standing


A member who ends active participation in a game has a six month period of time to locate a new game that fits their schedule before they are considered only an associate member. If the member is with a chapter that has dues, that chapter should not force upon the non-gaming member any dues, nor should the member be considered liable for any dues not paid while not gaming when he/she finds a new game.

Rights of Active Membership[]

Only an active member may vote in officer elections or any other chapter or organizational votes, unless deemed otherwise by the Board of Directors.

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