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Big Bang Comics is a superhero role-playing game, written by Chris Carter and published by Pisces All Media in 2006. The game uses a modified version of the D20 System and is based off of the characters and world in the Big Bang Comics.

Characters in the game exist in either of the two worlds of Big Bang Comics (the Silver Age Earth-A or Golden Age Earth-B). Players may create new heroes or take the part of existing heroes from Big Bang Comics. Characters are created with two character classes: a power origin Entry Class, and a "civilian identity" representing their out-of-costume occupation. The power origin classes include choices such as Mutant, Elite (super-trained normal), Sorcerer, and Mechanical.

The game rules use standard d20 skills with a large range of original "Feats", which in Big Bang include super powers and other abilities. The game is also notable for using the then-unique concept pioneered by Pisces All Media in its gamebooks, "Negative Feats" which functioned as disadvantages for a character, allowing more "Feats" to be chosen as a balance to defects. Although common in other roleplaying systems, this was unheard of in the d20 system and its derivations at that time.

Pisces announced free download-only ebook expansions to its system but to date none have been released.

Chapters that PlayEdit

The following chapters are know to play, previously played, or open to playing the game:

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