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Board of Directors

The first ever election for the Board of Directors of O.G.R.E.s was held in 2009 and quite informal, as the organization was still an upstart. As a result, it did not follow the full time line of the election process, which this board approved later on the same day of their appointments.

As a result, no information is available related to campaigning or voting.


Member's Name Specific Position Chapter of Membership Member's Picture
Charles Ringstaff Resigned in March 2012 Derby City Ogres Chuck.jpg
Gayle Neal Removed in Feb. 2010 Quilt City Ogres Gayle.jpg
Hooper Vice Director, Director of Communications,
Chariman, New Chapter Recruitment Committee
Founding Five
Quilt City Ogres Hooper.jpg
Jake Kubitschek Director Quilt City Ogres Jake.jpg
Kelsey Phelps No specific position Quilt City Ogres Kelsey.JPG
Lacey Wilson Chairman, Committee on Gaming Advocacy Quilt City Ogres Lacey.jpg
Nick Henley Founding Five
Stepped Down in Nov. 2011
Saluki City Ogres Nick.jpg
Shawn Cain Webmaster
Removed in March 2012
Soil Ogres Shawn.jpg
Steve Johnson No specific position Hex Games Steve.jpg
Walter Pfeifer-Thompson Supreme Dungeon Master
Founding Five
Quilt City Ogres Walter.jpg

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