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3rd Quarter 2010
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1st Quarter 2011

The fourth quarter meeting of the Board of Directors for the calendar year of 2010 was held at the Pfiefer-Thompson residence in Paducah, Kentucky on Sunday, November the 14th.


Board MembersEdit

Physically Present
Hooper, Lacey Wilson, Steve Johnson, Shawn Cain Walter H. Pfeifer-Thompson
Not present, accounted for
Charles Ringstaff, Kelsey Phelps Jake Kubitschek, Nick Henley


Tony Little, Graham Griffin

Previously Tabled DiscussionsEdit


Webmaster Steve Johnson gave an update on the expected timeline for release of the new website. The idea was tossed around, but not voted on, of moving our wiki site in its current form to a mediawiki we would host attached to the new site. This may happen if the new Oasis skin continues to make use of the wiki harder for members.

Post Camp Oggie FeedbackEdit

Camp Oggie was discussed. By the first quarter meeting for 2011, members have the goal of each having a prospect host location to pursue. Changes for next year: Murder Mystery, minimum pre-scheduled game sessions, dry erase board for Game Masters to use to advertise upcoming pick up games, and the use of land that allows alcohol for adults.

New DiscussionsEdit

Votes of ConfidenceEdit

No Votes of Confidence were necessary during this board meeting.

President's ReportEdit

The President was not physically present, and had no report.

Director of Communications' ReportEdit

The Director of Communications reported on the newest chapter of O.G.R.E.s: the Crown City Ogres of Pasadena, California. This was a result of his pursuit of the goal from the last board meeting.

Supreme Dungeon Master's ReportEdit

The Supreme Game Master had no report.

Webmaster's ReportEdit

See Previously Tabled Discussions above for the Webmaster's update on the website.

Treasury ReportEdit

The Treasurer discussed concerns over Paypal's rules and regulations with working with non-profits, and suggested banks to attach to the paypal to solve the problem.

Committee ReportsEdit

A new subcommittee, the Subcommittee on Camp Oggie Murder Mystery, was formed and will work directly with the Subcommittee on Camp Oggie to create, promote, and eventually run next year's Murdery Mystery game at the event.

Rank PromotionsEdit

Steve Johnson was promoted from Marshall to Field Marshall upon taking on the responsibilities associated with being Webmaster. Brandon Ashley of the Quilt City Ogres was promoted from Private to Corporal.

Awards PresentedEdit

No Awards were presented or nominated during the meeting.


A goal for all present board members was to have one location contacted and information compiled to provide at the next board meeting in regards to a host site for the next Camp Oggie. The Treasurer wishes to balance the budget, and Lacey Wilson discussed wanting to do more community work, perhaps creating a Games for Soldiers event during the holidays.

Next MeetingEdit

The 2011 first quarter meeting will be held on February 20th, 2011

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