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1st Quarter 2011
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4th Quarter 2011

The third quarter meeting of the Board of Directors for the calendar year of 2011 was held on August 14th at 12:00 noon. The minutes for that meeting are below. The majority of the meeting was focused on the nominees for The Oggies. That focus, coupled with numerous missing members, resulted in an abbreviated meeting.


Board Members

Physically Present
Hooper, Steve Johnson, Shawn Cain, Walter H. Pfeifer-Thompson
Present via Net/Phone
Charles Ringstaff, Brandon Boatright
Not present, accounted for
Kelsey Phelps, Nick Henley
Not present, unaccounted for
Lacey Wilson, Jake Kubitschek


No Guests Present

Previously Tabled Discussions


Continued delays mostly as a result of active schedules and the continued functionality of the basic wiki setup.

Camp Oggie Location Hunting

The Subcommittee on Camp Oggie, led by Jake Kubitschek, was established during the first quarter 2011 meeting, and it was explicitly stated that failure to lock in a location in a suitable time would force a cancellation of the event for this calendar year. The subcommittee failed to convene at all. The two members of the subcommittee present during this meeting both had located potential sites, but neither had availability data listed or agreeable pricing with such short notice. No locations were provided from absentee subcommittee members. As a result, Camp Oggie will not be able to go forward in 2011. Plans for it becoming biannual and happening in 2012 were discussed, and a change in the subcommittee to ensure the event is successful.

Old Goals

Chapter Recruitment Goal

Multiple new chapters have recently joined O.G.R.E.s, and these include the Ogres of UT Martin, Windy City Ogres, Tampa Bay Ogres, Port City Ogres, and the Gulf Coast Ogres.

New Discussions

The OGGIEs Official Nominee Selections

The official nominees were selected out of the ones that members sent in. They can be seen at The Oggies/2011 Oggie Award nominations.

Votes of Confidence

No votes of confidence were held, though it was discussed that an attendance policy should be enforced due to persistent inexcusable absences from board meetings.

President's Report

The president was not present at the meeting.

Director of Communications' Report

The dir. of comms. was happy with the rapid growth in the new chapter area.

Supreme Game Master's Report

Present, no report.

Webmaster's Report

Present, no report.

Treasury Report

Position vacant, no report.

Committee Reports

The New Chapter Recruitment Committee was happy with the growth in chapters recently. No other committees had a report.

Rank Promotions

Confirmed the officer ranks for some of the most recent chapters.

Awards Presented

Discussed the recent Game Master Awards given to members of the newly formed Tampa Bay Ogres, and the granting of the Order of Chrétien de Troyes to one of their members!

Non-Agenda Discussions


A goal was stated to have at least 70 percent attendance at the next board meeting, allowing for long-distant board members to not be physically present.

Next Meeting

Nov. 20th 3:00 pm, location TBA

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