Board of Directors

The supreme governing body of the O.G.R.E.s is the Board of Directors. Consisting of ten members elected once every three years, the board meets once quarterly online (and, if enough members live close enough - physically as well) to discuss business and help run the club. Members of the board must be at least eighteen years of age, and may need to be as old as 23 to hold certain positions. Members are expected to dedicate 4 hours once quarterly to board meetings, and very slight time per month based on their specific role on the board. Most of the mundane tasks of the board between meetings relates to communicating with chapters and members online.

Board Members

The board consists of no-less than ten active members, including the following: Director (aka President), Vice Director (aka Vice President), Treasurer, Supreme Dungeon Master, Webmaster, Inquisitor, Director of Communications, Editor-in-Chief (also the Chairman of the Committee on Fluff), Chairman of the New Chapter Recruitment Committee, Chairman of the Committee on Gaming Advocacy, and the Chairman of the Committee on Organization Promotion and Marketing.

Electing of Board Members

Members of the board are elected from the membership at large once every three years, as defined in the Constitution. This process is explained fully on the Election Process page.


The first meeting of the O.G.R.E.s Board of Directors was held on Saturday, November 21st of 2009 in Paducah, Kentucky. Members representing the Quilt City Ogres, Soil Ogres, Derby City Ogres, and the Saluki City Ogres were present, as well as an industry representative from Hex Games.

See Also

  • Constitution - The governing documents that outline the board's role.

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