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The following are the winners of the 1st annual ENnie Awards, held in 2001. There were no "silver winners" originally.

Category Gold Winner Publisher
Best Adventure Death in Freeport Green Ronin Publishing
Best Rulebook or Accessory The Book of Eldritch Might Malhavoc Press
Best Setting Iron Kingdoms Privateer Press
Best Writer The Book of Eldritch Might Monte Cook, Malhovic Press
Best Art, Interior The Longest Night Matt Wilson & Brian Snoddy,
Privateer Press
Best Art, Cover The Longest Night Matt Wilson, Privateer Press
Best Cartography Madness in Freeport Todd Gamble, Green Ronin Publishing
Best Editor The Book of Eldritch Might Sue Weinlein Cook, Malhavoc Press
Best Free Product The Wizard ‘s Amulet Necromancer Games
Best Official Website Malhavoc Press Malhavoc Press
Best Fan Website Jamis Buck ‘s RPG Generators James Buck
Best Publisher (Overall) Privateer Press Privateer Press

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