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The following are the winners of the 3rd annual ENnie Awards, held in 2003.

Category Gold Winner Silver Winner
Best Adventure The Banewarrens (Malhavoc Press) The Vault of Larin Karr (Necromancer Games)
Best d20 Game Mutants & Masterminds (Green Ronin Publishing) Slaine RPG (Mongoose Publishing)
Best Non-Open-Gaming Product Unknown Armies 2nd Edition (Atlas Games) Spaceship Zero (Green Ronin Publishing)
Best Rules Supplement Dynasties & Demagogues (Atlas Games) Toolbox (AEG)
Best Campaign Setting Midnight (Fantasy Flight Games) Freedom City (Green Ronin Publishing)
Best Setting Supplement Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (Expeditious Retreat Press) Book of the Righteous (Green Ronin Publishing)
Best Free Product or Web Enhancement Magical Medieval City Guide (Expeditious Retreat Press) Initiative Cards (The Game Mechanics)
Best Electronic Product Magical Medieval City Guide (Expeditious Retreat Press) Mindscapes (Malhavoc Press)
Best Aid or Accessory GM Mastery: NPC Essentials (RPG Objects) Kingdoms of Kalamar DM Shield (Kenzer & Co.)
Best Cartography Lock and Load (Privateer Press) Necropolis (Necromancer Games)
Best Art, Interior Monsternomicon (Privateer Press) Freedom City (Green Ronin Publishing)
Best Art, Cover Monsternomicon (Privateer Press) Midnight (Fantasy Flight Games)
Best Graphic Design and Layout Monsternomicon (Privateer Press) Freedom City (Green Ronin Publishing)
Best Monster Supplement Tome of Horrors (Necromancer Games) Monsternomicon (Privateer Press)
Best Fan Resource Site SWRPG Network
Best Fan Campaign Site Conan d20 World of Inzeladun
Best Official Website Malhavoc Press Wizards of the Coast
Best Publisher Malhavoc Press Green Ronin Publishing

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