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Fantasy Imperium, An Interactive Storytelling game of Historical Fantasy is a role-playing game written by Mark O'Bannon and published by Shadowstar Games, Inc.

The game takes place in a historical setting chosen by the Storyteller, and the game details the history of Europe from the ancient world up through the 16th century. The types of equipment available to the characters are determined by the time period and location of the setting chosen by the Storyteller.

In Fantasy Imperium, the Storyteller writes a series of scripted scenes for the plot. The external story is created by the Storyteller, while the internal story is created by the players. Internal stories involve the character's inner needs and overcoming character flaws.


The game uses a system where the success of an action is determined by rolling percentile dice under the appropriate skill. Skills are made available through the character's chosen profession.

To increase a skill after character creation, the player spends an experience point to attempt a skill development roll. The player needs to roll percentile dice over their current skill. The higher the skill, the lower the chance of increase.

The combat system uses hit locations, and combat maneuvers. The chance of success is determined by the character's appropriate weapon or shield skill. Characters get one single action in a combat round, which is two seconds long.

Luck Points are used by the players for rerolls, or to avoid death. These provide a safety valve in a deadly combat system where it is very easy to get killed. Combat tends to be quick, since one successful strike usually will take a person down.

Magic is divided into 4 categories and 13 disciplines. Spells are cast by anyone that learns the appropriate skill. Success is determined by making a successful skill roll.

The four categories of magic are Ceremonial Magic, Natural Magic, Extrasensory Magic, and Black Magic.

The 13 disciplines are divided as follows: Ceremonial (Alchymy, Conjuration, Ritualistic, Spiritualism), Natural (Deceiver, Elementalism, Enchantment, Sorcery), Extrasensory (Mysticism, Psychic, Seer, Talismanic), and Black (The Black Arts).

Spiritual WarfareEdit

Fantasy Imperium uses a new spiritual warfare system where fallen angels and evil spirits can attempt to corrupt or destroy the souls of mankind.

Chapters that PlayEdit

The following chapters are know to play, previously played, or open to playing the game:

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