The Friendly City Ogres are a chapter of the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts operating out of the city of Athens in the state of Tennessee. The name is a reference to the city's famous nickname: the "Friendly City."

Friendly City Ogres
Athens, TN
Chapter Number
Chapter Coordinator
Russell Hooper
Senior Game Master
Russell Hooper


The Friendly City O.G.R.E.s formed from members of other regional gaming groups in early 2010. With the moving of their original Senior Game Master, the chapter has spun off two additional chapters: the Port City Ogres and the Gulf Coast Ogres!


The Friendly City Ogres average an 3 active and associate members. Publicly known members can be seen here.


Russell Hooper
Chapter Coordinator
Russell Hooper (actual)
Scott W. (honorary)
Senior Dungeon Master
Russell Hooper

Members on Ogres Wiki

The following members of the chapter have accounts here on Ogres Wiki

Russell Hooper

Gaming Locations

Residential Ogre Lair Hosts
Hoopers' house

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