The Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts

The DM Badge is given to members who serve as Dungeon Master or Game Master for their chapter in some capacity.

List of RecipientsEdit

Brandon Boatright (Sic City Ogres)
Shane Jones (Sic City Ogres)
Hooper (Quilt City Ogres)
Jordan Colson (Sic City Ogres)
David McDonald (Sic City Ogres)
Steve Johnson (Quilt City Ogres)
Dan Thom (Sic City Ogres)
Mac Headrick (Sic City Ogres)
Zach Beal (Sic City Ogres)
Austin Mahan (Sic City Ogres)
Derek Mitchell (Tampa Bay Ogres)
Brenda Cothern (Tampa Bay Ogres)
Jeff Cothern (Tampa Bay Ogres)
Michael Rodriguez (Tampa Bay Ogres)
Tery Tucker (Tampa Bay Ogres)
Richard Smith (Quilt City Ogres)
Mike Atwood (Quilt City Ogres)
Andy Clark (Quilt City Ogres)


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