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Gygax or Bust: A Life on Paper is the working title of a currently in-production documentary being made by O.G.R.E.s. The filmmakers are searching for individuals that can provide their life story of how Dungeons & Dragons co-creator E. Gary Gygax helped shape their life - either directly or through his contributions to the field of tabletop gaming. Anyone who can attest to communal analog games having a large role in their lives are being searched out for interviews.

The film plans to bring the final individuals together for a cross-country road trip culminating with an arrival at the grand opening of the Gygax Memorial Fund. The memorial has not released any timeline for completion and this film is still in the early stages of seeking out good individuals to highlight.

All those interested in taking part in the film, either as an interviewed guest or as a stop along the way of the tour, may contact the Director of Communications by clicking right here. Please provide a brief biography of yourself, especially how gaming has been a part of your life. Remember to include contact methods and your geographic location.

Production Committee

Graham Griffin, Quilt City Ogres

Press Release

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