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A small "friends anf family VIP" gaming convention hosted by Hex Games, Hexcon South is a way for players and publishers of QAGS material to come together and enjoy a weekend of gaming.

General InformationEdit

Taking place in Franklin, Tennessee from April 30th to May 2nd, 2010, Hexcon South will be held at a private residence of one of the Hex Games staff members. Beautiful and scenic Franklin is located approximately 14 miles south of downtown Nashville, TN. The "convention" is invite-only, so those planning to attend already have the directions and they will not be found here.


Due to the relaxed and friendly nature of the convention, only a few timeslots have been scheduled with most planning on enjoying great walk-in open pick up gaming. Though not specifically assigned on the schedule, some of the known games include Scientific Adventures of Dr. Jesus Christ and Friends, M-Force, and other alpha-testing pre-release QAGS adventures.

Friday, April 30thEdit

Time slot Game Runner Max. Players Special Notes
6:00p Onwards Registration Con Coordinator N/A Level of service drops as evening approaches
6:00p Onwards Open gaming Walk-In N/A
7:00p Dinner Con Coordinator N/A Pulled Pork

Saturday, May 1stEdit

Time slot Game Runner Max. Players Special Notes
Not too terribly early Breakfast Con Coordinator N/A Eggs, Toast, Coffee
9:00a First Session Hex Games N/A
12:00p Lunch Con Coordinator N/A How Much Meat Fits on the Grill?
2:00p Second Session Hex Games N/A
5:00p-ish Dinner Con Coordinator N/A Group Decision
6:00p-ish The Fine Art of Bullnuts Hex Games N/A Panel

Sunday, May 2ndEdit

Time slot Game Runner Max. Players Special Notes
Not too terribly early Breakfast The Daily Dish N/A Self-pay
Fluctuating Open gaming Hex Games N/A

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