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A Host is any individual(s) or business(es) who provide the gaming location or space for a chapter of Ogres to hold a session. Many different people can play the role of the host, and each should be properly thanked and appreciated for the facility they provide.

Location TypesEdit

Member ProvidedEdit

When a member of a chapter provides a location, typically at their own home, they are given certain benefits of membership as thanks. If a host member is not considered an active member for any other reason, the act of being a host grants them this membership classification with all voting rights that come with it. Additionally, the host will not be required to pay a chapter's membership fee (if applicable) as long as they are providing a regular (at least once a month) gaming location.

Business ProvidedEdit

From time to time, a business or organization may grant use of it's space to the chapter. These include comic and gaming stores, public libraries, school libraries or rooms (mostly for school-based chapters), and the business that a member or members may work at. These organizations are immediately eligible to receive certain awards that the Ogres give out, and chapter's are encouraged to request these awards to show their appreciation for the space.

Special OccasionsEdit

Occasionally, a chapter may game at a non-regular place. This includes Conventions, regional community events, or road trips to other chapter locations. Due to the dynamic nature of such a location, there exists no definition or actions that members should use in such a situation. Typically, the chapter should follow the procedures set forth by the event or facility.

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