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The Inquisitor is the individual tasked with handling any and all complaints registered by members as well as ensuring that all meetings of the board of directors stay on-task and follow Oggie's Rules of Order. Additionally, the Inquisitor must make sure that no new policies would affect existing ones in unintended ways.


The Inquisitor is selected from within the Board of Directors by fellow board members vote, immediately upon the voting in of a new board. The position is campaignable and any candidate who ran and won while declaring intent is automatically the next Inquisitor. If two members ran for it and both win a seat on the board, the new members of the board vote for their preferred winner.


The Inquisitor is the single point-of-contact for members of O.G.R.E.s who feel they have a complaint to file against other members or officers. He or she also ensures the efficiency of the board and helps make sure that all officers are getting their jobs done.

Current Incumbent

Incumbent's Name Chapter of Membership Member's Picture
Position Unfilled Not Applicable Ogreonly.JPG

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