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The School of Medicine is a school at the Institute of Gaming, part of the Ogswald Academy, which provides courses of study related to the common staple of healing and health in tabletop games. The school is overseen both by the Committee on Fluff and the school's director, David Waddell.

To take a course from this school, you will need to contact the school director via e-mail here. Click on the link next to the wanted course that reads "Apply for course" and supply your full real name, chapter, and a good and valid email address to send the course.

Course CatalogEdit

Health in GamingEdit

HIG 101
Hit Points Apply for course
HIG 102
Regenerating Hit Points Apply for course
HIG 201
Armor Class Apply for course
HIG 301
Character Death Apply for course
HIG 401
Character Resurrection Apply for course

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