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The Interlock System is R. Talsorian Games' proprietary role-playing system. It is one of the direct parents of the Fuzion/Action! system (the other is the Hero System). The Interlock System is a "skill-based" system — characters are created by choosing skills for them, and by advancing those skills individually; rather than by choosing character class packages. The Interlock System is used primarily in the Cyberpunk 2020 and Mekton role-playing games; a variant of the Interlock System is used in Teenagers from Outer Space and the Japanese Gundam Senki RPG. Stats and skills are both rated on a scale of 0-10 with 0 representing no ability/no training and 10 representing the maximum ability possible for a human being. A typical skill roll will range from 12-20 for most tasks, so a skill 10 + stat 10 will succeed at virtually any task barring a critical mishap, while a skill 0 + stat 2 (minimum statistic level for a human character) will fail at any but the very simplest task, and even then will succeed only on a critical success. Interlock builds on the typical skill-based paradigm by offering "template" (Mekton) or "profession" (Cyberpunk) packages that give specialized abilities to characters that take these packages.

The Interlock System is best known for its Lifepath system, a storytelling device used to create character backgrounds without particular direct benefit or drawback to the character, avoiding min-maxing.

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