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Published by Hex Games, Laser Ponies is a game geared towards younger children and uses the QAGS System.



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A nonconformist laser pony

Created by Hex Games, Laser Ponies follows the story of Pangonia, the land of ponies where Glitter Valley residents spend their days decorating cakes, planning parties, and being princesses. However, the evil witch of Mt. Mean has corrupted the Dark Gorge Bears into evil creatures, who hate parties (some political ponies claim they hate our freedom). Players take on the role of of a Pony, hell bent on whole-bigheartedness and rainbows.

Laser Ponies gets its inspiration and feel from classic Saturday morning cartoons, though with more violence. Taking the rainbows and cuddles and adding the lasers and evil, players will experience fun in a widely imaginative and simple setting.



Laser Ponies Logo (if remade into a Michael Bay film)

A homebrew variant of the game, though not truly an alteration at all, is the Midbreak Campaign playing format. This is when a gaming group takes a break in the middle of their normal tabletop session in a more adult or serious game, and play a short session of Laser Ponies. Much like classic cartoons that would take midbreaks to follow a show-within-a-show character, the midbreak campaign helps players to really get the cartoon feel of the game.

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