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Mecha Time Cop is a homebrew role-playing game using the D20 Future game system.


Borrowing from the setting of the D20 modern version of Valgora, it is the near-future and there are 6 superpowers in the world. Each has been successful in making mechanized battle suits as well as time travel, and as a result each superpower has created Mecha Time Patrols to go back in time and change history to better the country.

A super-secret coalition between benevolent forces in each of the six governments results in the creation of the first International Mechanized Time Police, a team of six Mecha warriors (one mecha and pilot from each country) who patrol time to ensure no country changes anything. The players take the role of one of these six agents.


The International Mechanized Time Police Squad is comprised of pilots for the following six Mechas:

Basic Information Beginning Arsenal (see the D20 Future core book for information on these items)
Representative Picture Country of Origin Specialization Dominant Color Helmet Back Shoulders Right Arm Left Arm Torso Boots
Bluemecha United Allied States Heavy Weapons Blue Pilot Typhoon 240 Laser Cannon T-95 Cavalcade Chaingun Chrysanthemum Laser Array Cloaking Screen
Redmecha United Soviet League Basic Weapons Red NKP Puma Pop-Up Turret Pilot M-9 Barrage Chaingun M-70 EMP Rocket Launcher LK8 Armor-Piercing Pike Pilot Cloaking Screen
Purplemecha Coalition of Latin States Stealth Purple Cloaking Screen Pilot Stealth Suite Corona Microwave Beam M-21 Comet Autolaser Pilot Enigma Sensor Suite
Yellowmecha Empire of Japan Sensors Yellow Oracle Targeting System Pilot Class II Sensor System Corona Microwave Beam Cloaking Screen Pilot Enigma Sensor Suite
Blackmecha Ummah Space Black Pilot Cloaking Screen M-9 Barrage Chaingun Zero-G Stabalizer Space Skin Jetpack
Brownmecha African Confederation Flying Brown Pilot Jet-Assist Wings T-95 Cavalcade Chaingun Cloaking Screen Afterburner Jetpack

Chapters that PlayEdit

The following chapters are know to play, previously played, or open to playing the game:

  1. Soil Ogres
  2. Quilt City Ogres

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