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Neoncon is a convention, self described as a "national, gaming-centric pop-culture convention" held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is put on by members and friends of the Sin City Ogres.

Convention events feature an open and organized play track that may include: tabletop and live action roleplaying games, miniatures, collectible card games, family card and board games as well as a selection of video games. In addition to gaming, Neoncon offers a broad range of guests that hail from different corners of the entertainment industry.

Although the convention’s roots are in the hobby games industry, it has expanded to include additional events that attract and foster budding writers, game designers and artists. One of these venues, entitled CreativeU, offers people the chance to learn and interact with professionals through a seminar or workshop environment.

The core audience for NeonCon is primarily interested in geek culture with an emphasis on playing, discussing, designing and purchasing games. Attendees typically include: influential and small press game designers, artists, publishers, distributors, educators, students, investors and marketers as well as podcasters, vloggers and bloggers.

Neoncon's O.G.R.E.s TieEdit

Some of the individuals who work with this convention include members of the Sin City Ogres, the very first chapter of O.G.R.E.s.

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