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OMGcon 4th Mix was an anime and video gaming convention held in June of 2009 in Paducah, Kentucky and was the fourth year of OMGcon. The tabletop room was "crashed" by members of the Quilt City Ogres and Soil Ogres, marking the first official O.G.R.E.s outing in force at the convention.

The convention was held within the Julian M. Carrol Convention Center in Paducah from June 5th to 7th, 2009.

General InformationEdit

The convention was a three day event with numerous Anime and Gaming related events and guests. Some of these include: Vendors, Artists, Guest Panels, Attendee Panels, Cosplay, Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Chess, Rave, Video Game Rooms, Specific Video Game Tournaments, Tabletop Room & much more!

Tabletop RoomEdit

The Ogres created an epic level Dungeons & Dragons campaign utilizing the revised third edition rules, and had about a dozen players.

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