Board of Directors

Oggie's Rules of Order are a simplified version of Robert's Rules of Order - a standard and guide for parliamentary authority. It is the standard for how all meetings of the board of directors are handled in order to improve efficiency.

Meeting Set Up

Every meeting has the agenda posted online at in advance, as well as typically through numerous independent chapter websites and social networking groups. Individuals are able to and encouraged to present items to the board for consideration at the meeting up to one month in advance via the Director of Communications.

At the Meeting

The meeting then follows a simple order, and may not deviate.

  1. Call to Order by the Director
  2. Establish Quorum (at least 50% of the board, not including the Director)
    1. If no Quorum, meeting may not take place except for Votes of Confidence on consistently absent and unaccounted for board members
  3. Discuss Agenda Items
    1. Review Last Meeting Minutes
    2. Previously Tabled Discussions
    3. New Discussions
      1. Individual Officer Reports (if any)
    4. Goals
    5. Votes of Confidence (if any)
    6. Establish date, time, and physical location (if any) of next meeting
  4. Non Agenda Items
    1. Every non agenda item (i.e. last minute additions, things board members think of last minute) must be presented in such a way that a brief synopsis is stated. The board then agrees whether or not to discuss further or set up to discuss at the next meeting
    2. Public/Guest Comments
  5. Adjournment

How Motions Work

Items brought before the board may be discussed, and then any member except the Director may motion that they be adopted, dismissed, or tabled. Another member must second an adoption or dismissal, after which a vote is taken and recorded. Tabled items may have seconds and votes, but it is not necessary. Tabled items will be brought back up at the next board meeting. However, if any other member refuses to agree to a table, then the motion is immediately brought for adoption or dismissal. Any failed adoption is considered a dismissal, and no item may be tabled for more than three board meetings with being brought for a vote.

In order for an item to pass, it must have the majority of the quorum vote yes for it. The director may break any tie. Dismissed items may not be brought back up unless the Primary Officers vote at their althing to bring it back to the board. Any dismissed item by the board may be automatically adopted by the organization if it receives one hundred percent approval by the primary officers of all active chapters.

After the Meeting

Minutes and voting records for each member (as of 2012) are then posted to and shared on as many appropriate places as possible so that members of the organization as a whole may see them.

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