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The School of LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) is a school at the Oggie Institute, which is a part of the Ogswald Academy, which provides courses of study related to the gaming style known as LARPing and the industry that supports it. The school is overseen by the Oggie Institute director, which is currently a vacant position. You can apply for this position by contacting the current acting director of the Ogswald Academy, Hooper of the Quilt City Ogres.

To take a course from this school, you will need to contact the school director via e-mail here. Click on the link next to the wanted course that reads "Apply for course" and supply your full real name, chapter, and a good and valid email address to send the course.

Course CatalogEdit

LARP BasicsEdit

LPB 101
Understanding LARP Apply for course
LPB 102
Common LARP Terminology Apply for course
LPB 201
Touchless Combat Apply for course

History of LARP Edit

HLP 101
Beginnings of LARP Apply for course

LARP GroupsEdit

LPG 101
The Camarilla Apply for course

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