Ogswald Academy

The Ogswald Academy degree program is a fun aspect and benefit of membership in the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts that grants "degrees" to students who have met certain requirements taking courses from the Academy. These degrees are in no way accredited or should be treated on a similar level as true higher education, but are just fun.

The Academy currently offers the following degrees: Ogre Studies (for knowledge about O.G.R.E.s), Advocacy (for gamer-rights, industry history, and similar knowledge), Arcane Studies (for understanding of the use of arcana in games), Divinity (for understanding of the use of spirituality and religion in games), Xeno Studies (for the understanding of common antagonists and fantastic creatures seen in games).

Additionally, depending on the number of courses a member has taken, they may have a different degree. A member may earn an Associates degree in their field of study after taking 30 courses, a Bachelors after 60, a Masters at 120, and finally a doctorate at 200 courses taken.

30 Courses, 15 in major
60 Courses, 30 in major
120 courses, 60 in major
200 Courses, 100 in major

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