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In their own words, One Bad Egg, LLC is a new venture from the folks at Evil Hat Productions and Blue Devil Games to rock your Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition experience. Over the next few years, you’ll see One Bad Egg produce a series of quality PDF products (including our Worldseeds™ line) with an eye on giving you lots of fun new options for your game. We’ll also be turning those PDFs into printed books when we achieve critical mass, whether by popular demand or quantity of ideas.

So what might you get from a One Bad Egg product?

For one, you won’t see us churning out laundry lists of magic items and endless hordes of feats. At One Bad Egg, we’re committed to supercharging your game with non-stop story ideas. We are the company that looks at a Ring of Invisibility and is unsatisfied until that ring gains a story and becomes the One Ring. That’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here.

You’ll also see us rebooting the idea of what game supplements have to be about. We’re looking to collaborate with you as brother and sister gamers, not constrain you. As you’ll see with our Worldseeds™ line, we’re going for something highly modular here- a drag-and-drop setting material experience. Buy what you like, discard the rest. We won’t weigh you down with massive metaplots and huge settings that tell DMs “be careful: your story might diverge from ours.” We’re here to tell you, “Here is high octane fuel for the engine of your own story. Now go driving.”

And whenever possible, we’ll invite you “behind the curtain” to see what we’re doing. There’s no old-school paranoia going on here. We welcome the public, and want to collaborate with you. Because at the end of the day, we game because we love it, and we know you do too. Join us!

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