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The Order of Chrétien de Troyes is bestowed upon Dungeon or Game Masters who have created an engaging storytelling and adventuring experience, resulting in amazing gameplay. The award is named after Chrétien de Troyes, a poet credited with the first verifiable traceable usage of the word Ogre.

Members of the Order are able to display the medal and/or ribbon displayed on the right on O.G.R.E.s apparel of theirs or on their User Page here on OgreLair.org.

Nomination Requirement

This award must be nominated by no less than three active members who played in the session/campaign/game led by the proposed recipient.


List of Recipients

Picture Name Chapter Biography Rank upon Receipt Nomination Link Date of Receipt
Wames.JPG James "Wames" Wallace Derby City Ogres Bio Sergeantmajor.png Vote July 1st, 2010
Cburrow.jpg Charles Burrow Quilt City Ogres Bio Mastersergeant.png Vote May 19th, 2011
Ogreonly.JPG Michael Rodriguez Tampa Bay Ogres Bio Sergeantmajor.png Vote August 11th, 2011
Steve.jpg Steve Johnson Ultra City Ogres Bio Knightchampion.png Vote February 12th, 2012
Hooper.jpg Hooper Quilt City Ogres Bio Fieldmarshal.png Vote June 20th, 2012
Nick.jpg Nick Henley Saluki City Ogres Bio Marshal.png Vote June 20th, 2012
Nazzak.jpg Andy Clark Saluki City Ogres Bio Knight.png Vote March 4th, 2016

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