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Paradigm Concepts, Inc. is a small-press game publishing company located in Miami, Florida. They published the award-winning Arcanis campaign setting and managed the Living Arcanis campaign independent of the RPGA. Previously Arcanis operated as a d20 system campaign setting using the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Arcanis is now featured in Arcanis the Roleplaying Game, releasing summer 2011 and the Legends of Arcanis campaign - inheritor of the Living Arcanis history. They also publish the self-developed Witch Hunter: The Invisible World game-line. The company was founded by Henry Lopez, Nelson Rodriguez, and Eric Wiener in 2000.

Paradigm Concepts Inc. also produces Spycraft, d20 System, Legend of the Five Rings and True 20 books under license.

The company won the 2005 ENnie award for Fans' Choice Best Publisher.

Paradigm Concepts is known for an active and very successful Origins Game Fair performance and manages the Gathering, the primary Origins Game Fair organized role playing game event.

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