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The following is an incomplete partial listing of the games that the Quilt City Ogres currently own or have access to in some fashion. If a game is not listed here, it does not necessarily mean that the chapter does not posses it or is not open to playing the game, just that they do not currently have access to it or that it has missed being added to the list (if the definition of missed is the same as too lazy to add).

Role-playing GamesEdit

The numerous role-playing games that the chapter has access to are listed below alphabetically by game. Supplemental releases will be listed in the same manner for ease of title searching, so books related to the same game may be spread out.

Game Title Number of Copies Purchaser Special Notes
Adventures of Sindbad 1 Hooper PDF Only
Arms and Equipment Guide 1 Hooper
Babylon 5 Security Manual 1 Jake Kubitschek
Batman Sourcebook 1 Hooper
Book of Dumb Tables 1 Steve Johnson PDF Only
Book of Roguish Luck 1 Hooper
Alien Enemies 1 Jake Kubitschek
Atlas Unleashed 1 Jake Kubitschek
Challenges for Champions 1 Jake Kubitschek
Champions III 1 Jake Kubitschek
Champions of the North 1 Jake Kubitschek
Champions Presents 1 Jake Kubitschek
Champions Presents #2 1 Jake Kubitschek
Champions Universe 1 Jake Kubitschek
Changeling: The Dreaming 1 Jake Kubitschek
Classic Enemies 1 Jake Kubitschek
C.L.O.W.N. 1 Jake Kubitschek
The Coriolis Effect 1 Jake Kubitschek
Day of the Destroyer 1 Jake Kubitschek
Demons Rule 1 Jake Kubitschek
Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons 1 Hooper
Enemies 1 Jake Kubitschek
Enemies: The International File 1 Jake Kubitschek
Cityscape 1 Hooper
Complete Scoundrel 1 Hooper
Croaton Song 1 Hooper
D20 Modern Role-playing Game 1 Hooper
Deities and Demigods 2 Hooper/Jake Kubitschek
Draconomicon 1 Hooper 3.5 Edition
Dungeon Master's Guide 1 Hooper AD&D 2nd Edition
Dungeon Master's Guide II 1 Hooper 3.5 Edition
Eberron Campaign Setting 1 Walter 3.5 Edition
Field Guide to Monsters Volume 1 5 Steve Johnson M-Force Supplemental
Field Guide to Monsters Volume 2 5 Steve Johnson M-Force Supplemental
Fiendish Codex I 1 Hooper 3.5 Edition
Fiendish Codex II 1 Hooper 3.5 Edition
Funkadelic Frankenstein 1 Hooper PDF Only
Frostburn 1 Hooper
Galaxhian Attacks 4 Steve Johnson M-Force Supplement
Glasswalker's Tribebook 1 Hooper
Hero Builder's Guidebook 1 Hooper 3rd Edition
Hero System Rulesbook 1 Jake Kubitschek 3rd Edition Version
Heroes of Battle 1 Hooper 3rd Edition
Invaders from Below 1 Jake Kubitschek
Invasions: Target Earth 1 Jake Kubitschek
Justice League Sourcebook 1 Hooper
Kingdom of Champions 1 Jake Kubitschek
Laser Ponies 1 Steve Johnson PDF Only
Legend of the Five Rings 1 Hooper/Walter
Living Greyhawk Gazetteer 1 Hooper
M-Force 10 Steve Johnson First Edition
Magic Item Compendium 2 Hooper/Walter
Manuel of the Planes 2 Hooper
Mars & Venus at War 5 Steve Johnson QAGS Qik Pak
Mage: The Ascension 1 Jake Kubitschek
Monster Ecologies 1 Hooper Collected from Dragon Magazine
Monster Manual 1 Hooper AD&D
Monster Manual 1 Jake Kubitschek 3.0 Edition
Monster Manual 2 Hooper/Jake Kubitschek 3.5 Edition
Monster Manual IV 1 Hooper 3.5 Edition
Monster Manual V 1 Hooper 3.5 Edition
Mutants & Masterminds 1 Graham Griffin First Edition
Mystic Masters 1 Jake Kubitschek
Pathfinder 1 Walter
Player's Handbook 1 Hooper AD&D Second Edition
Psionics Handbook 1 Hooper
QAGS Second Edition 1 Steve Johnson
Red Doom 1 Jake Kubitschek
Road Kill 1 Jake Kubitschek
Rokea 1 Hooper
Sandstorm 2 Hooper
Silver Age Sentinels 1 Hooper
Serenity 1 Lacey
Sovereign Stone 1 Hooper
Spooky: The Definitive Guide to Horror Gaming 1 Steve Johnson
Stormwrack 2 Hooper
Target Hero 1 Jake Kubitschek
Terror at Camp Waka'Naka 5 Steve Johnson QAGS Qik Pak
To Serve and Protect 1 Jake Kubitschek
Truckin' Turtles 1 Hooper
Turtles Go Hollywood 1 Hooper
Uktena Tribebook 1 Hooper
Vampire: The Masquerade 1 Jake Kubitschek
V.O.I.C.E. of Doom 1 Jake Kubitschek
Watchmen Module 1 Hooper
Wendigo Tribebook 1 Hooper
Werewolf: The Apocalypse 1 Hooper Signed by Author Mark Rein'Hagen
Werewolf: The Forsaken 1 Hooper
Werewolf Player's Guide 1 Hooper
Werewolf: The Wild West 1 Hooper
World of Warcraft 1 Hooper
Wrath of the Seven Horsemen 1 Jake Kubitschek

Board GamesEdit

Game Title Number of Copies Purchaser Special Notes
Addams Family: Family Reunion Game 1 Aimee Hooper
The aMAZEing Labyrinth 1 Walter
Batman Forever 1 Hooper 3D
Bible Trivia 1 David Waddell
Das Goldene Spielemagazin 1 Hooper German
Family Feud 1 Aimee Hooper
Kill Doctor Lucky 1 Walter
Lost: The Game 1 Hooper
Risk 2 Hooper Normal and a Lord of the Rings themed board
Monopoly 1 Aimee Hooper
Outburst 1 Aimee Hooper
Scrabble 2 Hooper Deluxe and Normal Boards
Settlers of Catan 3 Hooper/Walter 1 Copy Damaged
Simpsons Battle of the Sexes 1 Aimee Hooper
Simpsons: Loser Takes All 1 Aimee Hooper
Simpsons Monopoly 1 Aimee Hooper
Simpsons Trivia 1 Aimee Hooper
Star Trek: The Next Generation Game of the Galaxies 1 Hooper
Star Trek Scene It 1 Hooper
Waterworld: The Game 1 Hooper 3D
Wheel of Fortune 1 Aimee Hooper

Card GamesEdit

Game Title Number of Copies Purchaser Special Notes
Blink Not Applicable Walter
Chez Geek Not Applicable Walter
Highlander: The Card Game Not Applicable Hooper Huge collection, all cards
Magic: The Gathering Not Applicable Jake Kubitschek/Lacey Wilson Regular Tournament Play
Star Wars CCG Not Applicable Charles Ringstaff

Party GamesEdit

Game Title Number of Copies Purchaser Special Notes
BreadTwist One Walter
Twister One Walter

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