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The following list was compiled by members of The Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games, and showcases celebrities who have been confirmed or rumored to be tabletop gamers. Next to the name of the celebrity is the location where confirmation of that celebrities status as a gamer was located at.

Celebs who play D&DEdit


  • Ben Afflek. actor, screenwriter;
  • Sean Astin, actor, sometimes hobbit; Wikipedia
  • Fairuza Balk; Wikipedia
  • Bruce Campbell; Wikipedia
  • Dave Chappelle, comic; Wikipedia
  • Stephen Colbert;, TV satirist Wikipedia
  • Billy Crystal, actor, comedian, awards host; Wikipedia
  • Rivers Cuomo; Wikipedia
  • Vin Diesel, action film actor; USA Today, June 4-6, 2004; several interviews, Wikipedia
  • John Dolmayan; Wikipedia
  • Karen Evans, original for Greg Evans' Luann cartoon strip; Cameron Hays (fellow gamer at Lewis & Clark University).
  • Conchata Ferrell, actress; Wikipedia
  • Mateo Gil, film writer, director;
  • Alex de la Iglesia, film writerm oproducer, director has written Spanish Call of Cthulhu scenerios
  • Johnny Knoxville; Wikipedia
  • Matthew Krenik; Wikipedia
  • Matthew Lillard, actor (Scream, Wing Commander); interview, Stuff, November-December 1998; Wikipedia
  • Jennifer Lopez, actress; Wikipedia
  • Ewen MacGregor, actor; Wikipedia
  • Michelle Malkin, Conservative columnist;
  • Joel Peissig, director; Wikipedia
  • Auturo Perez Reverte, novelist, journalist; licensed El Capitán Altriste as RPG;
  • Eric Raymond; Wikipedia
  • Ben Sargeant, cartoonist (editorial cartoon Pulitzer, 1982), Austin American-Statesman; Steve Jackson, Origins 1993.
  • Jason Statham; Wikipedia
  • Jacques Villeneuve, race driver (Indy 1995 winner, Formula 1); Cleveland Plain Dealer, 20 Jl 95, 2A.; Wikipedia
  • Melanie Villeneuve, concert pianist (sister of Jacques); Cleveland Plain Dealer, 20 Jl 95, 2A.
  • Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson), rock singer; Wikipedia
  • Wil Wheaton; Wikipedia
  • Robin Williams, actor, comic; Wikipedia, James Lipton interview for Inside the Actor's Studio
  • Mike Brown, coach for L.A. Lakers, News Interview

Played at Convention, no other infoEdit

  • Peter Mayhew, actor (Chewbacca); Murray, Jayleigh (2001, April). Bizarre Convention Stories. Sequential Tart
  • Jake Lloyd, actor; (Anaken Skywalker); Murray, Jayleigh (2001, April). Bizarre Convention Stories. Sequential Tart

Rumored, not yet confirmedEdit

  • Bill Amend, cartoonist (Foxtrot), Universal Press Syndicate, based on indicated knowledge in cartoon writing
  • Ron Howard, 1925 Century Park E., #2300, Los Angeles, CA 90067
  • Steven Spielberg, Box 8520, Universal City, CA 91608 (used D&D to audition kids for ET: the Extraterrestrial)

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