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Scene It? is a series of games created by Screenlife, in which players answer trivia questions about films or pop culture. The games were first developed to be played with questions read from trivia cards or viewed on a television from an included DVD or based on clips from movies, TV shows, music videos, sports and other popular culture phenomena. Today Scene It? is available as a mobile game for iPhone, iPad, on game consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation and Wii and as a social media game on Facebook.


Players choose either a short or long game, and adjust the Flextime game board. For a short game, the board is folded so fewer spaces show. Each player throws a six-sided die to see who goes first. Then, the player rolls both the ordinary die and a customized eight-sided "category die" to see how far they move, and what challenge they face. The challenge can range from a trivia card question, a DVD challenge, ("My Play" or "All Play"), or they may have to draw a "Buzz card" (Cards are often renamed in special editions). If the roller wins the challenge, they can go again, but if they lose, the dice are handed to the next player. This process keeps going until someone hits the All Play to Win stop sign, in which that player must win one final All Play, in which everyone participates, in order to win. If not, they go to ring 3 of the zone called Final Cut. There they must answer 3 questions right. If that falls through, then on the next turn they only have to answer 2 questions, and then only 1 question if that fails. If a Final Cut challenge is won, then they win the game, and they get to watch a victory scene on the DVD.


New DVD expansion games are released every year. Expansions include:

  • Deluxe Movie Edition
  • Deluxe Sequel
  • Junior Edition
  • Music Edition
  • TV Edition
  • Harry Potter 1st Edition (2005)
  • Disney Edition
  • Sports Edition
  • Squabble Edition
  • Warner Bros. 50th Anniversary Edition
  • James Bond Edition
  • HBO Edition
  • Turner Classic Movies Edition
  • Nickelodeon Edition
  • Marvel Comics Edition
  • Friends Edition
  • Movie 2nd Edition
  • Disney 2nd Edition
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Edition
  • Doctor Who Edition
  • The OC Edition
  • FIFA Edition
  • Disney Channel Edition
  • Seinfeld Edition
  • Star Trek Edition
  • Disney 3rd Edition (Coming 2011)
  • Movie 3rd Edition
  • The Simpsons Edition
  • 80s Edition
  • Twilight Edition
  • Sony Pictures Animation Edition (Coming 2010)

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