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Published by Hasbro, Scrabble is a popular word game where two to four players form words across a gridded board.

Ogres and friends playing Scrabble


Players randomly draw tiles that each contain a single letter of the alphabet from a bag, and use these tiles to spell words. Letters have a point value determined by their common use in words, with rare letters such as Q or X having much higher values and being less available on tiles than letters such as E or R. Some of the grids on the board grant additional points, and when one player runs out of available tiles with no more left in the bag, the game is considered complete and the player with the most points wins.


The game's popularity has attributed to the rise in numerous variants, including:

  • Clabbers - Played by top tournament players, a speed version involving anagrams
  • Duplicate Scrabble - Popular with french-speaking players, all players have the same components and try to mentally find the best score
  • Super Scrabble - Includes a larger board and more tiles to play with
  • Tournament Play - A more structured and ruled game session for top players

Chapters that Play[]

  1. Soil Ogres
  2. Quilt City Ogres - Tournament Level and a Casual chapter of the National Scrabble Association

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