The Sic City Ogres are a chapter of the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts active in Harrisburg, Illinois. The chapter name is a reference to the local Southeastern Illinois College. The chapter is within driving distance of the Saluki City Ogres, Soil Ogres, and the Quilt City Ogres and still within a long-distance range of Gateway Ogres, Vette City Ogres, and Derby City Ogres.


The Sic City Ogres were formed in April of 2010 after becoming aware of the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts through members of the Quilt City Ogres in preparation for the first Egypt Wars gaming convention.


The Sic City Ogres have 17 active and 1 associate members. Publicly known members can be seen here.


Chapter Coordinator
Brandon Boatright
Senior Game Master
David McDonald

Members on Ogres WikiEdit

The following members of the chapter have accounts here on Ogres Wiki

Brandon Boatright
Cassie Rea
David McDonald
Shane Jones

Gaming ScheduleEdit

Below is a schedule of the current ongoing campaigns and games of the chapter.

Day Time Game Location
Sunday - - -
Monday - - -
Tuesday - - -
Wednesday - - -
Thursday 12:00PM Munchinkins Colson Residence
Friday - - -
Saturday 1:00PM D&D 3.5 Ravenloft Campaign Colson Residence

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