Slipstream is an RPG book and setting by Pinnacle Entertainment Group for it's Savage Worlds roleplaying system.

Pocket Universe of SlipstreamEdit

This book focuses on the pocket universe of Slipstream, the final destination for all the black holes in the "normal" universe (which contains the planet Earth).

The Forces of EvilEdit

The main forces of evil are led by Queen Anathraxa, who is aided by her elite Handmaidens. the ape-like Primals, and Minions (human males brainwashed to serve Anathraxa).

Player Character RacesEdit

There are various player character races in the Slipstream RPG setting,   However, the most detailed PC races are humans (called Earthlings), Bird Men (bird-like humanoids native to the planetary fragment Avia; can actually fly), Lion Men (cat-like humanoids native to the planetary fragment Simba; possess a strong code of honor), Anarchs (ape-like humanoids native to the fragment Scar), Babelonians (native to the planetary fragment Babel; are blue-skinned humanoids noted as keen scholars), Valkyries (female humanoids who look down upon males), and Robot Men (intelligent robots native to the planetary fragment Mechanos).


Tech in Slipstream is based upon that of a classical 1930s sci-fi movie serial:  rocketships, ray guns, robots (called Mechanical Men except for the Robot Man player character race), etc.

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