• Name=Winged Wonder
  • Types=Origin
  • Summary=The Winged Wonder origin feat grants the super hero the power of flight.
  • Prereqs=Use of the Super or Sinister supplemental mechanic, Can only be taken at Character Creation
  • Benefit=The superhero has discovered that he or she has the ability to fly. This new mode of movement grants the hero a speed and maneuverability that improves as the character increases in power (see Table:Winged Wonder below).
  • Normal=A character would not have a fly speed unless utilizing a special race, template, or spell.
  • Special=The taking of this feat opens up the option of taking any honing feats with the Winged Wonder prerequisite.
Character Level Maneuverability Speed
1 Clumsy 30 ft.
2 Clumsy 30 ft.
3 Clumsy 30 ft.
4 Poor 30 ft.
5 Poor 40 ft.
6 Poor 40 ft.
7 Average 40 ft.
8 Average 40 ft.
9 Average 50 ft.
10 Good 50 ft.
11 Good 50 ft.
12 Good 50 ft.
13 Perfect 60 ft.
14 Perfect 60 ft.
15+ Perfect 60 ft.

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