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The Supreme Game Master, or Supreme Dungeon Master', is the individual to whom all Senior Game Masters report to, and this individual helps prevent and correct instances of cheating, metagaming, or other in-game disputes.


The Supreme Game Master is selected from within the Board of Directors by fellow board members vote, immediately upon the voting in of a new board. The position is campaignable and any candidate who ran and won while declaring intent is automatically the next SGM. If two members ran for it and both win a seat on the board, the new members of the board vote for their preferred winner.


The Supreme Game Master is responsible for any items or tasks given to him or her by the Director, receiving all reports from Senior Game Masters and placing them in the database, as well as bringing up and correcting any issues or requests for help found in said reports. Additionally, the live action corps of the House of Ogswald are directly underneath the Supreme Game Master.

Current Incumbent

Incumbent's Name Chapter of Membership Member's Picture
Walter Pfeifer-Thompson Quilt City Ogres Walter

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