The Tampa Bay Ogres are a chapter of the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts operating within the region of Tampa Bay, a large harbor area on the west coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the larger cities in the area include Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. Counties considered to be in the "Bay Area" include: Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Polk. Residents of all cities and counties are networked together in the regional gaming network, similar to the Gulf Coast Ogres.

The group began as a grassroots regional gaming network in 1996, and joined O.G.R.E.s on August 9th, 2011.

Tampa Bay Ogres
Tampa Bay, FL
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Chapter Coordinator
Brenda Cothern
Senior Game Master
Jeff Cothern
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The regional grassroots gamer network known as MsKina's Tampa Bay D&D Gamers started in 1996 from a small group of friends that discovered there was a need. Since then the Chapter Coordinator, Brenda "MsKina" Cothern, made it one of her missions to help bring people together who were just as passionate about the hobby as she was. Throughout the years Brenda has not given up on the goal to create a powerful network for the gamers of the Tampa Bay Area to connect with each other and enjoy a hobby she passionately loves. After attending Gen Con 2011, Brenda found the last piece of her puzzle, the O.G.R.E.s, with their assistance she spearheaded the formation of a new chapter, Tampa Bay Ogres, and quickly went about setting up shop. The goal she put forth on the table was to make an active community that not only assists with the hobby, but creates a culture of friends and associates to preserve the spirit of the hobby.

OGRE Roster

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Brenda Cothern
Jeff Cothern
Jillian Burdsall
Jennessa Beckett
David Broadhurst
Morgan Broadhurst
Richard Lee Byers
Tobias Chapman
Mark Cookman
Brian Covins
David Crane
Randy Crump
Jacob Dowdy
Heather Dryer
Dean Dryer
Jack Faber
Michael Griffin-Wade
Nicole Griffin-Wade
John E. Gunter
Stephen Halter
John Hammon
Sam Hing
Eloy LaSanta
Richard Logue
Lora Lunsford
John Maher
Tammy Mangrum
Joe Mangrum
Mike Mobberley
Ann Morris
T. Min Nemoy
Michael Rodriguez
Paula Sandusky
Kuroohi Sandusky
Krisone Satoweyer
Kris Schnee
Ken Shannon
Allen Smay
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith
Dominick Tascritti
Tery Tucker
Rodger Wenzlaff
Kathy Lynne Wilson

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Laurel Asya
William Boles
Ronald Burke
P.F. Burns
Craig Corlis
Monique V. Correia
Sid Cricket
Julie Doble
Jim Einsmann
Jarad Fennell
Sean Foster
Brad Friend
Michael Icca
Jeff Jones
James Miller
Ronald Mobberley
Chris Mobberley
Colin Prichard
James Roysdon
Ryk Stanton
Max Yrik Vale
Max Yrik Valentonis
Michelle Valentonis
Austin VanHout
John VanHout
John Walker
George Wilson III
Damien "Mad Brew"

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Gaming Locations

Residential Ogre Lair Hosts
MsKina's Ogre Lair Brenda Cothern (N. Tampa)
Sunday Night Eternals Dominick Tascritti (S. Tampa)
T'Ogres Tammy Mangrum (Brandon)
Spring Hill Area Gamers T. Min Nemoy (Hernando County)

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