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The Game Mechanics is a company dedicated to creating d20 gaming material that is as good as you've come to expect from the industry leaders. Founders JD Wiker, Rich Redman, and Stan! have a combined 23 years of experience working full-time in the hobby games industry (22 of those years working on the Dungeons & Dragons RPG for Wizards of the Coast). The idea for the company sprang from conversations held in the wake of a series of corporate layoffs, and the three designers, together with former Wizards of the Coast web manager, Marc Schmalz, knew the time was right to pool their combined knowledge and skills.

The Game Mechanics use their experience and expertise to create and publish products whose quality meets the stringent standards set by Wizards of the Coast and other top publishers. Our designers' names can already be found on the covers and throughout the credits of many of the current top selling roleplaying products—and you can expect to see the same level of quality and attention to detail in every release from The Game Mechanics.

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