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The following are the winners of the 1st annual Ogre Awards, commonly known as the Oggies and held in 2011. The nominees can be seen here.

List of Winners

Category Gold Winner Silver Winner
Game of the Year Laser Ponies Mutants and Masterminds
Company of the Year Paizo Publishing Green Ronin Publishing
New Game/Expansion of the Year Mutants and Masterminds Leopard Women of Venus
Artist of the Year Jeffrey Johnson Katie Staffiera
Author of the Year Colin McComb Margaret Weis
Website of the Year The Escapist Kickstarter
Pod/Vidcast of the Year All Games Considered The Game Knights
Miniature Product of the Year My Little Pony - Decorate Your Own Roller Derby Minis
Free Game of the Year The WatchGuard Sourcebook (Preview) Dragon Age Quickstart Guide
E-Book/Game of the Year Leopard Women of Venus Clockwork & Chivalry: Divers & Sundry
Lifetime Achievement Award Larry Elmore N/A
Idiot(s) of the Year Outlaw Press (thievery) Wizards of the Coast (canceling print versions of Dungeon / Dragon magazines)
Celebrity Gamer of the Year Nathan Fillion Stephen Colbert
Most Baffling Rule/Mechanic/Quote of the Year "An archdevil cannot exist on the same plane as its aspect without the aspect; if this occurs the aspect vanishes." - Fiendish Codex II - Tyrants of the Nine Hells

from Wizards of the Coast

On Fire rules - QAGS

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