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The Treasurer, sometimes referred to as the Comptroller, is the individual responsible for keeping all of the O.G.R.E.s finances accounted for and manageable.


The Treasurer is selected from within the Board of Directors by fellow board members vote, immediately upon the voting in of a new board. The position is campaignable and any candidate who ran and won while declaring intent is automatically the next treasurer. If two members ran for it and both win a seat on the board, the new members of the board vote for their preferred winner.


The Treasurer is responsible for any items or tasks given to him or her by the Director, accounting for all funds coming in and out of O.G.R.E.s, and making sure that all transactions are legal and valid.

Current Incumbent

There is currently no Treasurer assigned by the Board, as the newly-incorporated status and amount of funds was not deemed enough to maintain the position. At every board meeting, the issue will be brought back up until the time that one is needed, and at that time it shall be assigned.

Incumbent's Name Chapter of Membership Member's Picture
Unassigned N/A Ogreonly

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