These are members of the Ultra City Ogres chapter. This list is a work in progress, and does not represent the entire chapter's roster nor members of other chapter's that also game with this one.


Picture Position Chapter Name Biography Rank Special Notes
Steve Chapter Coordinator Ultra City Ogres Steve Johnson Bio Marshal Dsa
Joshuaburnett Senior Game Master Ultra City Ogres Joshua Burnett Bio Knightchampion Website

Active MembersEdit

Picture Position Chapter Name Biography Rank Special Notes
Ajaxtalbot Member Ultra City Ogres Ajax Talbot Bio Mastersergeant
Brianfish Member Ultra City Ogres Brian Fish Bio Private
Ogreonly Member Ultra City Ogres Carter Newton Bio Private
Colinthomas Member Ultra City Ogres Colin Thomas Bio Corporal Rasslin'
Ogreonly Member Ultra City Ogres Ian Engle Not Available Private
Jasonwhisman Member Ultra City Ogres Jason Whisman Bio Private
Jeffreyjohnson Member Ultra City Ogres Jeffrey Johnson Bio Sergeant Website
Ogreonly Member Ultra City Ogres Leighton Connor Bio Corporal Website
Ogreonly Member Ultra City Ogres Mark Kuszek Bio Private
Robertmccabe Member Ultra City Ogres Robert McCabe Bio Private
Rossfulton Member Ultra City Ogres Ross Fulton Bio Private

Associate MembersEdit

Secondary MembersEdit

These are the members who have their main chapter of membership in a different chapter, but also game regularly with the Ultra City Ogres.

Picture Position Chapter Name Biography Rank Special Notes
Elijahwilliams Member Quilt City Ogres Elijah Williams Bio Mastersergeant
Hooper Chapter Coordinator Quilt City Ogres Hooper Bio Fieldmarshal Vice Director
Dir. of Comms.
2009 MVP
Founding Five
Jake Member Quilt City Ogres Jake Kubitschek Bio Grandmarshal Director
Jeff Member Quilt City Ogres Jeff Dossett Bio Sergeant
Lacey Member Quilt City Ogres Lacey Wilson Bio Marshal Chairman,
Committee on Gaming Advocacy
Walter Senior Dungeon Master Quilt City Ogres Walter H. Pfeifer-Thompson Bio Fieldmarshal Supreme GM
Founding Five

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