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Who is APostcardHello? A Postcard Hello is Davo (David Waddell) of the Quilt City OGREs. Outside of the gaming world, I am the Assistant Manager of Tradehome Shoes (yes, that's right ladies, I'm a shoe salesman), a professional wrestler (under the name 'The Arcane' Isaac Draven'), a singer / songwriter (myspace), and I work in ministry (His Temple Ministries).

What's your favorite system?

Honestly, I'm not certain I have a favorite system. They all entertain me. My favorite aspect of gaming is the storytelling and roleplaying. The way these are controlled via system is really irrelevant to me. I'm here for the concept.

What is your favorite class?

I'm an arcane magic-user or holy knight through and through. Whether is a Mystic Mage from Rifts or a Paladin in Final Fantasy IV (US II), I love those types of characters.

Contact me

Please feel free to ask me any questions (or suggest new features) on my User talk page!

To email me, visit here - please try and make the subject as clear as possible!

In real life Edit

Why "APostcardHello"?
A Postcard Hello is my now six year stagement as a performing singer / songwriter. So, typically, that ends up being my username for things.

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