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Jeff Dossett

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Not for sure right now i have to re-join my game's'.

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any of these will work

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Why "Abrokenknife"?
Abrokenknife was chosen originally as a code name for a Battlefield 2142. I thought hey I should have a cool name that I can go bye cause I need a name people can remember as I am slaughtering them. Afterwards is when I really started getting into tabletop gaming though so I had several more names one of my more common ones now is Kelfryn. Which if you speak drow means legendary warrior or legendary champion. I also use Vuela, Valador, and Zelxz. So generally if I'm playing a FPS I use Abrokenknife and if I'm playing a mmorpg I use one of the other names or if im playing tabletops. That is the story behind my username.

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