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What's your favorite system?

I love the Pathfinder RPG but I play WOTC D&D 4e as well. I enjoyed Traveller, and wish it was in wider use, so I could roam the galaxy with friends.

Currently Playing
I play mostly Organized campaign RPG. I often manage large RPG gaming floors around the state, including Hurricon, Recon and Megacon. I was also an organizer for LG events. I served as officer in High school, College and University Gaming clubs.

What is your favorite class?

I am accused of being Pathfinder Druid oriented.

In Development
Been working on a semiregular campaign for many years, maybe I will publish it. I try and write a little every day.
Next event is Gatorcon 2011 in Alachua FL on 21-23 OCT.
Sign up are here: Warhorn for Gatorcon

Contact me Edit

Please feel free to ask me any questions (or suggest new features) on my User talk page!

To email me, visit here - please try and make the subject as clear as possible!

In real life Edit

Who is Dominick T?

I describe myself as a reactionary, engineer and gamer. I work for a small defense company, and manage a software team.

Why "Dominick T"?

My first name in last initial, yeah.

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