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Who is Ne0dymium?

Just a man, some say. Beyond mortal, say other. Less than human, many claim.

Perhaps they all hold some truth.

What's your favorite system?

D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Shadowrun 2nd Ed, d20 Modern, Laser Ponies, Feng Shui, Cortex

What is your favorite class?

Good question. To play? In terms of design? Just one across all systems? Or favorite from each game? Gosh. This is tough. I'll consider it and edit this later.

Feel free to request aid from me, and I'll see what I can do!

Contact me Edit

Please feel free to ask me any questions (or suggest new features) on my User talk page!

To email me, visit here - please try and make the subject as clear as possible!

In real life Edit

There is no such thing as real life.

Why "Ne0dymium"?

Well, "Neodymium" was taken. But why "Neodymium" you may ask? Because a long time ago I tried to sign up for a site and the user name Thulium was already taken so i looked for another element that had a cool name. I have never used anything else since.

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