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Who is Raccooncityangel? My name is Lacey, and i'm an Ogre. (Hi Lacey!) I've been with the Ogres for a short while, but i love what they're doing for gamers in the area and across the nation.

I'm always playing or running some type of RPG, I'm also looking into starting a D&D for beginners or a Serenity RPG game in my home for some cute girls who've never played before... rowr. Aside from those, i like to play board games and card games most any day.
I also play Magic: The Gathering, both casual and in tournament.
Dunno. I play what i want.

Contact me[]

I can be reached best at my facebook account: also raccooncityangel.

I also exist on the Ogres forums as raccooncityangel.

I'm fairly unimaginative with my usernames.

In real life[]

I've been playing video games since before i could sling dice. I'm a zombie fanatic, so when the second Resident Evil game came my way, i nearly shit myself. Raccoon City Angel was the name i sort of chose for myself when i was trying to find something suitably girly but still pretty hardcore.
Why "Raccooncityangel"?


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