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Who is Takeshi13? Takeshi is a guy attending Harrisburg High School. Takeshi's real name is Shane Jones. Takeshi is confused why Takeshi is speaking in 3rd person.

Currently Playing

Halo, Forgotten Realms 3.5

In Development

Resident Evil

Contact me[]

Please feel free to ask me any questions (or suggest new features) on my User talk page!

To email me, visit here - please try and make the subject as clear as possible!

In real life[]

Takeshi is a japanese name usually given to those who would be successors to a militant family. In real life I am addicted to computers, xbox, RPGs, and my lovely girlfriend Rachel. Dating for almost four months now. It's long distance, but only an hour or so away, so it's not too bad. I have just begun to leae my town in search of other games and roleplayers. Chat me up, i'd like to think I am a pretty cool guy. =)


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