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Who is Venom12?

The Name is Tony and I have been gaming for 18 years. Role-playing games are my life and I enjoy them to no end. I game every Wednesday and friday.

What's your favorite system?

Pathfinder Roleplaying game followed by Dark Heresy.

What is your favorite class?

In D&D it is wizard or fighter. With World of Darkness got to go with being a Werewolf, and Dark Heresy got to love the cleric or scum.

Contact me[]

Please feel free to ask me any questions (or suggest new features) on my User talk page!

In real life[]

I have grown up in the Maury County area of Middle Tennessee and I have made a great life here. It seems that I have brought back Role-Playing to this neck of the woods. When I first got the 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons books, no one around here played only heard of it. So I got my friends playing and anyone I met that had an interest in seeing it played. I play in 2 games a week, one on wednesdays and one on friday nights. We play at our local game shop, MASTERWORK GAMES. And I am working on moving the O.G.R.E. name into other counties and even up into Nashville. I one day hope that I can do something for gaming that I will be remembered for even if I never get rich or really successful. I just want to see gaming return to its former glory and burn even brighter in the future.

Why "Venom12"?

I have been using the net handle Venom12 since I was 17; simply because I love it.


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