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Bonjour, OGREs!

Davo here, back in action, after a few weeks hiatus. This will be another brief update, and really unrelated to my position on the Board.

Mostly I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to OMG Con this year and participated in our various activities! Everything from our point of view was a great, great success and we are super glad. All OGRE hosted games were filled to capacity with some overflow, honestly, and every person who played seemed to be thrilled at the outcomes!

I, myself, played a new game this weekend, of which I am the master. If you wish to disagree or attempt to disprove this statement, I shall instruct you gladly.

What game, you might ask? Munchkin Cthlulhu.

As a second, more related order of business, here is a call to all who read the Wiki and follow the OGREs here. If you find an error, please send it to me. Due to recent changes, I've very little time to access a computer for more than a few moments. In that, it is making the tedious task of tilling through the various posts online to edit them. Does this mean I am planning to neglect my duties? By no means. It just means that I would greatly appreciate anyone who thinks they have found an error already to send me an email with a link to the page and a description of said error that I might directly address the issue without playing the "Where's Waldo?" of typographical errors I currently am going to have to play.


Again. Huge thanks to all Con Goers, all who put on the Con, and my fellow OGREs for a great weekend.

Until next time...


APostcardHello 05:48, June 14, 2010 (UTC)