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HooperBandP HooperBandP 29 October 2011

Vacant Position on Board of Directors

One of our Founding Five and a member of the Board of Directors, mister Nick Henley has decided to step down in order to continue his pursuits in his field, and to prepare for a move. The board was sad to see Nick leave, but we are proud of him and wish him luck in all his endeavors. But, we must push forward and fill his chair per our Bylaws, and because his leaving has left us 12 feet shorter. Seriously, Nick is tall. Our average board height is in the negatives now. This must be fixed!

So, we are seeking applicants to fill the vacant position. Any member of O.G.R.E.s, over the age of 18 (due to legalities), may seek the spot. The position would be interim until the next scheduled election in 2012 ends and new board members are elected. Th…

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HooperBandP HooperBandP 29 September 2011


We've got numerous announcements to make, and I don't even know where to begin!

  • 1 The Oggies
  • 2 Rank Restructuring
  • 3 Aggressive Expansion
  • 4 Seeking Members with Artistic Talent
  • 5 Leaving Wikia

This is less of an announcement, and more of a general reminder that The Oggies are still ongoing. Vote here at The Oggies/2011 (direct link: Vote.OgreLair.org). Members may actually email their votes in to the Director of Communications for full credit (and vote online too!), but even non-members are encouraged to vote in the online polls.

We've been discussing our basic Ranks, and brainstorming a way to make them more themed and less militant. Though we may still use the same insignia, and we have no set plans to change the number of ranks, we may begin renaming …

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HooperBandP HooperBandP 5 October 2010

Another College Gaming-related Survey

Hello everyone. A few months back I linked to a survey study being conducted on the social benefits of tabletop role-playing games by a student at Middle Tennessee State University. Through much promotion, or as the internet says it - whoring, we drummed up a great deal of participation for them. That did not go unnoticed, and I was recently contacted by another student doing a similar study for the players of MMOs: Massively Multiplayer Online games. Many of us tabletop gamers also play the occasional MMO (the Quilt City Ogres even have their own guild in World of Warcraft), so if you do or have in the past - please take a moment and take the survey.

The survey can be found online here.

16:01, October 5, 2010 (UTC)
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HooperBandP HooperBandP 2 October 2010

Major changes to our wiki coming

Hey everyone. You may have noticed that we recently did a major custom overhaul of the OgreLair.org wiki. Well, it seems it was for nothing, sadly.

Coming soon, every wiki on wikia servers will be changing over to a new look. A great deal of information can be seen on Wikia's Community Central portal. Some users may even be seeing it here on our site if they aren't logged in. When we say its a major overhaul, we mean it. We're going from this....

...to this (different wikia wiki used for example)...

Actually, the above example is a best-case changeover. Immediately after the hit, for a few days until all the coding gets fixed and we get our current theme moved over, its going to look extremely weird.

The menu on the left will soon be see…

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HooperBandP HooperBandP 25 July 2010

August Annual Awards Drive

As we approach August, and afterwards the last few months of the year and OgreCon, we prepare for the handing out of our Annual Awards. The Awards program exists to spotlight our great members. Anyways, I just wanted to remind everyone that you need to get your awards in for the annual awards in time for us to be able to count them before OgreCon - where they're officially presented. Since OgreCon is planned for September of this year, the end of August is the cut off date for Annual Awards. This means you can consider work or contributions by a member since August of 2009 to count towards the awards.

You can nominate by contacting me via email integrated awards nomination forum located here.

You can see all of our awards by clicking th…

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