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One of our Founding Five and a member of the Board of Directors, mister Nick Henley has decided to step down in order to continue his pursuits in his field, and to prepare for a move. The board was sad to see Nick leave, but we are proud of him and wish him luck in all his endeavors. But, we must push forward and fill his chair per our Bylaws, and because his leaving has left us 12 feet shorter. Seriously, Nick is tall. Our average board height is in the negatives now. This must be fixed!


So, we are seeking applicants to fill the vacant position. Any member of O.G.R.E.s, over the age of 18 (due to legalities), may seek the spot. The position would be interim until the next scheduled election in 2012 ends and new board members are elected. This would last roughly a year, though the individual would of course be free to run for the board in the upcoming election. While filling the position interim, the individual would also be eligible to fill any vacant positions on the board, which currently include the Treasurer, Editor-in-Chief and the chairman of the Committee on Organization Promotion and Marketing.

Board members meet once quarterly, usually in the middle of the middle month on a Sunday in the mid-afternoon. For example, the next scheduled meeting is for November 20th at 3:00 pm central standard time. Due to the close vicinity of many current incumbents, we currently have the luxury of a physical meeting for most. However, the meeting can be attended via online meeting software (free), and as the board diversifies over time these electronic meetings will actually become standard. So, there is no travel necessary! A board member is given access to internal board messages, and has a say in the operations and long-term planning of our organization.


Interested? Send your full name, contact information (mailing address, e-mail, and phone - all of which are kept private), birth date, and a brief bio with any related skills to the Director of Communications. You can submit that information electronically by clicking here.